Finisar Acronym Reference Guide


  • AOC active optical cable
  • APD avalanche photo diode
  • ASE amplified spontaneous emission


  • BER bit error ratio
  • BoL beginning of life
  • BOSA bi-directional optical sub assembly


  • CATV cable TV (transport)
  • CDR clock and data recovery
  • CFP 40G/100G pluggable form factor
  • CML™ chirp managed laser (transmitter)
  • CML current mode logic
  • CMOS  complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor
  • CNA converged network adapter
  • CPRI Common Public Radio Interface
  • CSRS comprehensive stressed receiver sensitivity
  • CSRZ carrier suppressed return to zero
  • CW continuous wave
  • CWDM coarse wavelength division multiplexing
  • CXP 12x10G pluggable form factor


  • dB decibels
  • dBm decibel milliwatts
  • DBR distributed Bragg reflector
  • DFB distributed feedback (laser)
  • DGD differential group delay
  • Diplexer aka BOSA (see BOSA)
  • DLI  delay line interferometer
  • DML direct modulated laser
  • DP-QPSK  Dual Polarization-Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  • DPRAM Dual Port RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • DPSK differential phase-shift keying
  • DQPSK differential quadrature phase-shift keying
  • DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexing
  • DWP dynamic wavelength processor


  • ECOC  European Conference for Optical Communications
  • EDC electronic dispersion compensation
  • EDFA  erbium doped amplifier
  • EML  Electro-absorption modulated laser
  • EoL end of life
  • EPON  Ethernet Passive Optical Network


  • FC Fibre Channel (protocol)
  • FCoE Fibre Channel over Ethernet (protocol)
  • FEC forward error correction
  • FGA  fixed gain (as they relate to amplifiers)
  • FOE Fiber Optic Expo (Asia annual exhibition & conference)
  • FP Fabry-Perot (laser)
  • FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array
  • FSAN Full Service Access Network
  • FTTx Fiber to the “x” (edge, home, etc.)


  • GA general availability
  • Gb/s or Gbps Giga Bits per Second
  • GbE Gigabit Ethernet
  • GBIC Gigabit Interface Converter (optical transceiver)
  • GPON  Gigabit Passive Optical Network


  • HTCC high temperature cofired ceramic


  • IC Integrated Circuit (aka “chip”)
  • IEEE Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers
  • IR  intermediate reach
  • ITU International Telecommunications Union


  • LAN Local Area Network
  • LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  • LCoS Liquid Crystal on Silicon
  • LOS  loss of signal
  • LR long reach
  • LVPECL low voltage positive emitter
  • LVTTL low voltage transistor logic
  • LW long wavelength


  • Mb/s or Mbps megabits per second
  • MLSE maximum likely sequence estimator
  • MMF multimode fiber
  • MOCA Multimedia over Coax Alliance
  • MPI multi-path interference
  • MSA multi-source agreement
  • MSO multi system operator (cable MSOs)
  • MZM  Mach Zehnder Modulator


  • NPI new product introduction
  • NRZ  non return to zero


  • OCM  optical channel monitor
  • ODB optical duo-binary
  • OFA optical fiber amplifier
  • OFC Optical Fiber Communications (North America annual exhibition & conference)
  • OPM optical power monitor
  • ORL optical return loss
  • OSA optical spectrum analyzer
  • OSA optical subassembly
  • OSNR optical signal to noise ratio


  • PCIe  PCI express (protocol)
  • PDL polarization-dependent loss
  • PIN positive intrinsic negative
  • PLL phase locked loop
  • PMD polarization mode dispersion or physical media dependent


  • QSFP 4x10G pluggable form factor


  • RF radio frequency (over fiber)
  • RFoG radio frequency over glass
  • ROADM reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
  • ROSA receiver optical subassembly
  • Rx receiver
  • RZ return to zero


  • SAN Storage Area Network
  • SAS Serial Attached SCSI (protocol)
  • SATA Serial ATA (protocol)
  • SERDES serializer/deserializer
  • SFF Small Form-Factor (optical transceiver)
  • SFP Small Form-Factor Pluggable (optical transceiver)
  • SFP+ Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (optical transceiver)
  • SMF  single mode fiber
  • SONET/SDH synchronous optical networking/synchronous digital hierarchy (protocols)
  • SR short reach
  • SRS stressed receiver sensitivity
  • SW short wavelength


  • TIA Transimpedance Amplifier
  • TOSA transmitter optical subassembly
  • Tx transmitter


  • VCSEL vertical cavity surface emitting laser
  • VG  variable gain (as they relate to amplifiers)
  • VSR very short reach


  • WAN Wide Area Network
  • WDM  Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • WSS wavelength selective switch


  • XFP 10G Pluggable Form Factor

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