VIDEO: Finisar Demonstrates WaveAnalyzer 100S Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Finisar Australia Recognized by the Institute of Engineers Australia NSW Branch

We are very pleased to announce that Finisar Australia was awarded the 2016 Control Systems, Networks, Information Processing and Telecommunications Excellence Award by the Institute of Engineers Australia NSW Branch. The award, which forms part of the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards was given for the development and commercialisation of the Coherent Optical Measurement System (COMS), which forms the core of our WaveAnalyzer and HR-OCM products.

The award was presented at a gala dinner, attended by over 500 people, at the Sheraton Darling Harbour in October. The photo below shows some the successful engineering team that developed the core technology, along with the trophy and certificate received.

As a winner of the NSW State award, the COMS technology is now in the running for a National award, the results of which will be announced at the Engineers Australia Annual Dinner in Brisbane at the end of November.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the COMS development on winning this award.


WaveShaper® Programmable Optical Processors pass another milestone: 1000th unit shipped

Finisar’s WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors passed another milestone last month with the shipment of our 1000th unit. Since its introduction in 2009, the WaveShaper processor has become a ‘must have’ piece of optical test equipment for many labs around the world, with some customers having bought over 30 units each to use across a wide range of applications. We started with the WaveShaper “E” series which was available only as a 1×1 or 1×4 configuration for use in the C-band.

Over the past 7 years, we have continued to improve the performance of the WaveShaper processor and expanded the range of WaveShapers to over 25 different ‘flavours’ operating not just in the C-band but also in the L-band and also covering the combined C+L bands.

Finisar now produces a range of WaveShaper processors including WaveShaper 1000, WaveShaper 4000, WaveShaper 16000 and WaveShaper M-Series.

We have also added support for other wavelength ranges outside the main telecom wavelengths and now offer a single-polarisation version of the WaveShaper processor for use in short-pulse lasers at around 1µm. A companion single-polarisation pulse-shaper for 1.5µm fibre lasers is also available.

On the software front, the software to control the WaveShaper processor has come on in leaps and bounds. Various versions of the software can be seen below and these are now joined by additional functionality through the WaveSketch and Fourier Processor programs which now form part of the overall WaveManager software package.

Different versions of the WaveShaper processor control software including Original ”E” Series LabVIEW software from 2009, WaveShaper Control Software (c. 2010) and the current WaveManager Application Suite.

We’re tremendously proud of what we’ve achieved with the WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors and the capabilities that they have provided to scientists and engineers around the world. We look forward to continuing to support all our existing customers, and many new ones, as we develop new capabilities and variants of the WaveShaper processor range over the coming years.

For more information on the WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors visit our website product page.

Finisar WaveAnalyzer Product Family Video Demonstration at ECOC 2015

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